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Need migraine relief? Many migraine sufferers don’t know where to turn. Thank you for visiting Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center. Our caring staff’s goal is to deliver an advanced level



Dr. David Branch has been performing and teaching migraine surgery since 2002 when he founded the Northeast Migraine Surgery Center. He has treated innumerous migraine trigger

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We have seen hundreds of patients from young children to the most mature adults here at our facility. Each person is unique and hails from different parts of the world, from England to

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Northeastern Migraine Surgery offers many different types of migraine services. Here you will find a description of these services.

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Dr. Branch’s first migraine patient suffered from chronic migraines. She had visited multiple headache centers around the country, including month-long admissions for intractable pain.

1503Procedures performed
16Years of Experience
90Success Rate (%)
50Reduction in Migraines (%)

If you’re considering an alternative to lifelong medication for migraine relief, then your next step is a consultation

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Migraine Index

What is a migraine Index or MIDAS score? How will it be used to diagnose my migraines?

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Travel List

We have put together a Surgery Packing List and Other Travel / Post-Surgery Advice.

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Migraine Zones

Zones represent the area associated with pain and the nerve or nerves within that area.

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Pain Scale

It is very important to understand the pain scale and how it is used when interpreting the severity of your migraines.

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Pediatric Migraine

The majority of children with severe migraines are still suffering more than twenty years later.

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commonly asked questionsADDITIONAL INFORMATION

  1. 1
    Where will I have my surgery?

    Patients are evaluated at the new facility near downtown Bangor and have their surgery either at one of the local hospitals or at Dr. Branch’s outpatient surgery center less than a mile from Dr. Branch’s office.

  2. 2
    How long does the procedure take?

    The surgical procedure time can vary depending on the number of trigger sites (up to 4, but usually 2-3). Each zone or trigger site procedure can average 1 hour.

  3. 3
    See our travel list recommendations

    We have compiled a list of items that we feel are advantageous to patients who are having migraine surgery. See List

  4. 4
    What is the Success rate for Migraine Surgery

    The success rate for the treatment is 90%, with at least a 50% reduction of migraine symptoms. Approximately 35% of patients no longer experience headaches. Dr. Branch’s first patient has gone from chronic daily headaches to ONE headache over the span of 9 years since the day of her surgery.

  5. 5
    Common Migraine Causes

    It’s not an easy task to identify one particular cause for migraines, because several different triggers may precipitate them. However, typical contributing factors include:

    Physical and Environmental Stress, Fatigue, Oversleeping or lack of sleep, Fasting or missing a meal, Food or medication that affects the diameter of blood vessels, Caffeine, Chocolate, Alcohol, Menses, Hormonal changes, Changes in barometric pressure, Changes in altitude.

    Specific foods are suspected of triggering at least 30 percent of migraine headaches. Read More


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