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If you’re considering an alternative to lifelong medication for migraine relief, then your next step is a consultation with Dr. Branch at Northeastern Migraine Surgery. Dr. Branch’s goal is to educate you regarding your upcoming procedure and identify patients for success.

You may ask any questions you like and he will spend as much time as necessary to help you understand your treatment or procedure. It should be noted that not all patients are candidates for migraine surgery.

A consultation at Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center will begin with the downloading of our consultation forms found on our website (here) prior to your visit. Our comprehensive consultation process has been developed over many years and enables us to obtain the crucial aspects of your migraine history that will help us identify the patients that are the best candidates for success.

Our staff will meet with you to discuss your paperwork and note any changes or additional information that you may have. You will then meet with Dr. Branch to discuss your migraine medical history.

We ask that you be prepared to explain as much about your migraine headaches as possible, as not every patient is a candidate for treatment, we find that this component of the consultation is crucial to identifying those patient who will be the most successful candidate for treatments or procedures.

You will need to explain your migraine headache frequency (the number of migraine per month), headache duration (how long each migraine last in hours) and the severity (pain threshold).

We will also ask questions about how you feel and the different type of triggers for migraines, such as, menstrual triggers, weather triggers, air travel, smell, food, as well as age of onset. During your consultation we would also like to know about the medications that you have been taking as well as any side effect that may be occurring.