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Our Patients


Important Patient Information

Patients must be seen or have been seen within the last 5 years by a neurologist, and have a diagnosis of migraine disease or neuralgia to be evaluated by us (exceptions have been made anecdotally for Cluster Headache that responded to Botox).

Depending on the character and location of the disease, in addition to physical and CT scan findings, we will determine which of the four currently known trigger sites will be evaluated. Three of these sites—brow, temple, and the back of the neck—can be evaluated with injections of Botox®. The fourth site is the nasal passage, and can be tested with nasal sprays, in addition to physical and x-ray findings. Arrangements can be made for undiagnosed or more atypical headache patients to first be seen by a Neurologist with whom Dr. Branch has worked closely.

Typical Patients

We have seen hundreds of patients from young children to the most mature adults here at our facility. Each person is unique and hails from different parts of the world, from England to Oklahoma, they are also bound together by a common thread, migraine headaches.

Migraine headaches are more common than asthma and diabetes combined, making them one of the top 20 most debilitating disorders in the world according to the World Health Organization and the number of people suffering with migraines is staggering.

We often hear stories of how a patient has suffered from age 5, or how a patient’s mother and grandmother both suffered with this awful disease. Migraine headaches truly do not care who you are or where you live. Many patients describe that little baggy of pills tucked into every drawer around the house or the comment that, “I always have my pills available in the car just incase a headache decides to ruin my day.” We hear from patients who have tried every gimmick or gadget on the market, all to no avail.

Many patients have been prescribed medications like Prozac, Imitrex, DHE, Paxil, Depakote, Metaprolol, Amitriptyline, Fioricet, and Fiorinal to treat their migraine headaches, with some patient even being relegated to disability for years.

Another common comment from our patients is that these medications are causing side-effects that are just as bad as their headache and that they choose not to take them, leaving them isolated to dark rooms and hot packs. With all this being said we feel that our patients are truly amazing and deserve to live their life with dignity and happiness.