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Pain Scale

Please refer to the pain scale below when describing your migraine pain levels.


Pain Scale

0-  Pain Free


Very Mild

1-  Very minor annoyance- mild aches to parts of the body. No medication needed.



2-  Minor annoyance- dull aches to parts of the body. No medication needed. Able to go to work or volunteer each day. Normal daily activities. Maintains social life and family life outside of work.



3-  Annoying enough to be distracting. Pain requires over-the-counter remedies. Able to work 8 hours and maintain family and social activity but slightly limited or altered.



4-  Pain can be ignored if you are really involved in your work but still distracting. Can work for 6 hours daily. Still have energy to make plans for one evening socially during the week. Active on weekends.


Very Distressing

5-  Pain cannot be ignored for more than 30 minutes. Can work for 5 hours per day. Can make plans to do simple activities on weekends. Pain not controlled with over-the- counter remedies.



6-  Pain cannot be ignored for any length of time. Still able to function at work 4 hours daily. Pain medication required more than once in 24 hours. Takes part in limited social activities on weekends.


Very Intense

7-  Pain makes it very difficult to concentrate. Pain interferes with sleep. Struggles to fulfill daily activities at home. Unable to work or volunteer. No outside social activities.


Utterly Horrible

8-  Physical activity severely limited. Able to read and converse with effort. Sleep in late, able to get dressed by noon, minimal activities at home. Contact with friends and family via phone or email. Stay home all day.


Excruciating Unbearable

9-  Non-functional for all practical purposes. Cannot concentrate. Physical activity halted. Stay in bed more that half the day. No contact with outside world. Panic sets in.


Unimaginable Unspeakable

10-  Totally non-functional. Unable to speak. Crying out or moaning. Stay in bed all day. Feeling helpless and hopeless about life.