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Patient Testimonails

“I would like to extend my deepest, sincerest thank-you to Dr. David Branch, on today, May 27th, the 2-year anniversary of my migraine surgery that literally changed my life. Thank you does not seem to cover it, but to Dr. Branch, from the bottom of my heart, now and always…my sincerest thanks to you.”

Jody York

“May 8th marks three years since I had my migraine surgery, and I have been migraine free ever since. I suffered with debilitating migraines for over 15 years, trying everything just to allow myself to function each day. When people call for advice on migraine surgery, I tell them without hesitation to visit Dr. Branch. This surgery changed my life, and I want anyone who suffers from constant migraines to know that there truly is hope for a cure.”

Dawn Lewis

“I had suffered with migraine headaches for over sixteen years by the time I listened to a radio advertisement about the Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center in Bangor, Maine. Before having Migraine surgery with Dr. Branch, I was taking three types of medication per day to prevent migraines, and occasionally migraine relief shots for more severe attacks. I had my surgery in 2007, and since then I’ve remarried and enjoy my life without the daily dose of medications for migraines.”

Heidi Wilson Dolomont

“What a great feeling it is to, after nine months, to wake up on my own and not from a headache. So far, the recovery hasn’t been a big deal. Things are a little tender, and I feel like I have a stuffy nose, but that is it. Please give my best to the Good Dr. Branch. He is quite the man.”

Wes Bergenholtz