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Staying in Maine

Make your stay in Maine a memorable one. Explore our parks and natural wonders while recovering from your surgery. The Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center can help you and your family locate the best accommodations for your needs, as well as things to do while you’re here. Whether you are on a budget or wish for royal accommodations, our staff is prepared to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

We recommend that family or other companion(s) accompany our patients during their stay, to support them as they recover from the procedure.

Standard Accommodations

This assistance package is designed for patients who are looking for accommodations near the clinic, and are working with a limited budget. Our staff will assist you with the following:

  1. Setting up a hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Bangor, which is located 5 miles from the Bangor International Airport and 3 miles from the Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center.
  2. Reserving a rental car for patient and family members, conveniently accessible at the Bangor International Airport.
  3. Securing a taxi, after medical visits, if the patient doesn’t wish to drive.

Royal Accommodations

If you are coming to Maine for the first time and wish to pair your surgery with a family vacation – we can help you. This package is designed for patients who are looking for luxurious hotel rooms with ocean view, a private driver, tourist assistance, and special meal coordination with the hotel to accommodate religious or dietary restrictions. Our staff will assist you with the following:

  1. Setting up a suite reservation at either the Harborside Hotel and Marina or the Bluenose Inn – both located in Bar Harbor, Maine. Both hotels offer highly comfortable suites with ocean views. Bar Harbor is located 50 miles from Bangor International Airport, and 45 miles from the Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center.
  2. Setting up a private driver for the entire stay. Limousines and luxury cars are available for lease, and the driver will be expecting your arrival at the Bangor International Airport.
  3. Coordination with the kitchen staff of the hotel to prepare meals that will fit either religious or dietary restrictions.
  4. Coordination with patient and family to find tourist attractions of your liking. A full list of tourist attractions in the Bangor and Bar Harbor area is available below:

Maine Tourism

Maine is located in the Northeastern United States, adjacent to Canada. With cooler temperatures for most of the year (averaging 70F/21C in the summer and 20F/-7C in the winter), Maine has four distinct seasons. For years, Maine’s majestic natural beauty and numerous tourist attractions have given it the name “Vacationland.”

The Northeastern Migraine and Surgery Center is located in Bangor, in the central region of Maine. Bangor is a small, close-knit city with a rich logging heritage and a strong sense of community. The City offers many attractions, including the Maine Discovery Museum for children, art museums and galleries, numerous restaurants and pubs, a renowned Symphony Orchestra, the Penobscot Theater, and a well-appointed shopping area, including the Bangor Mall, which attracts visitors from as far as the Canadian border.

Fifty miles away from Bangor is Bar Harbor, a quaint coastal town situated on Mount Desert Island. One of Maine’s premiere destinations, Bar Harbor offers a broad variety of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions, including Acadia National Park. Every summer, millions of people the world over travel to Bar Harbor and its magnificent shore, making it one of the nation’s most popular summer vacation spots.

Activities abound in Maine no matter the season of the year. Whether you and your family/support like to hike, enjoy a day at the beach, indulge your eyes and recharge your spirit during peak foliage, go white-water rafting, enjoy some of the best sailing waters in the world, or spend a weekend skiing at one of our many first-class mountain resorts, Maine has something to offer everyone. Recover from your migraine surgery in a tranquil place millions have come to love. We welcome our patients to Bangor, Maine – the home of Northeastern Migraine Surgery Center.